A child friendly separation and divorce?
Yes, it is possible!

By Dr. Mathilda Smit

Obtaining the valuable information presented in this impactful workshop has become a proven way to change the paradigm of parents as well as that of practitioners. This has led to significantly better outcomes for children in divorce. With new insights, you will understand new approaches and techniques to help children stay well and content, despite their struggles with separation and divorce. Empower yourself, empower your children!

The information is compact and relevant; the workshop effective and affordable. Virtual workshops to be presented during June, July and August 2022:

• WEDNESDAY 29th of JUNE 2022

• SATURDAY 2nd of JULY 2022

• SATURDAY 23rd of JULY 2022

• SATURDAY 13th of AUGUST 2022

• SATURDAY 27th of AUGUST 2022


This workshop is a positive step towards coping with divorce and improving the quality of the lives of children.

This morning virtual workshop is intended for:
• ALL adult family members affected by a separation or divorce, as well as
• ALL legal and mental health practitioners working with separation or divorce

From 9:00 till 13:00

R500 per person
Outside South Africa: ZAR 500 payment done via World Remit

For additional information or to register, please contact Mathilda

Feedback from parents, and practitioners working with separation and divorce, who have attended the virtual divorce education workshop.

  • “This course is a wonderful tool for every parent but especially for people who are newly into the separation phase of a divorce so as to safeguard the children from being on the receiving end of toxic behaviour.” 

    Divorced mother
  • “I really enjoyed the session. There were quite a few learnings, but also a lot of validation of the way I have handled things.”  

  • “This workshop should be a mandatory requirement for couples who decide to separate and divorce and it should also be a prerequisite for any potential partner if they’ve got access to the children in any way”

    Divorced mother
  • “Thank you for a very informative workshop. I learned a lot. Well done!”  

    School Counsellor and Educational Psychology Masters student
  • “Well presented and excellent relevant material.”

    Divorced father
  • “Thank you so much for such a positive, helpful, and insightful workshop! I wish this was mandatory for us all.”

    Social worker and stepparent in a blended family
  • “Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I attended the workshop in my capacity as a training educational psychologist and found your workshop incredibly insightful with regards to supporting children and families in divorce. Your positivity and hope for the future of families going through this was especially inspiring.”

    Teacher, and M.Ed Psych student
  • “I just want to thank you for your workshop. It was not at all what I expected. I came into it with an open mind but was amazed at what I could learn today. Nobody ever advised this for me until court-ordered, I wish I had this information sooner.”

    Divorced parent, court ordered to attend this workshop
  • “It was an excellent workshop. I want to encourage my son and daughter-in-law to also attend.”

  • “The content is practical and concise. The presenter came across as someone with experience. This was very valuable when looking at practical scenario’s and individual people’s needs and questions. I would recommend this workshop to other professionals and people going through a separation/divorce.”

    Social worker
  • “The course creates an excellent foundation. It has really raised my understanding especially how dynamics play out in the child’s mind and behaviors.”

    Divorced father


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147 Main Street
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